A beautiful range of Unique & Exclusive Handmade Gifts.  From Handcrafted British Tweed Handbags, Country Chic Homewares, Personalised Prints, Luxury Dog Accessories for your Special Furry Friends to Bespoke Country Lifestyle Pieces.  


My Story

High Quality, Beautifully Handmade, British Tweed and Country Items. Exclusive products that have been designed and created with both town and country in mind, creating timeless, quintessentially British goods made by myself in my workshop on our family farm in Devon. Classically, Traditional, Country with a twist, is how I would describe my products. My small business was born due to filling long winter evenings by my fire in my cottage.  I wanted to create beautiful, bespoke, personalised items for people, just looking for that 'something special.'   Being a farmer's daughter and having a love of heritage fabrics it was fitting that I use British Tweeds in my designs which in turn supports British Agriculture and also a way of using sustainable materials.  The products that I create are in a classic style that are timeless, and rather than a trend, are a way of life.
I pride myself in making my products in the old fashion, traditional way. I have always obsessed over the quality and craftsmanship of products, after all, I can remember, there is nothing quite like the look of the perfectly crafted, high-quality item.

There is nothing more delightful to see than that of timeless elegance and quality.  

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Exclusive products

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A small selection of my creations.

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